The Durban Poison Co-op./Dagga Co-op. was founded to serve & assist all members of the cannabis and related industries.
DPCZA & DaggaCoop. Members pay no fees or commissions!
Founding Members are the only legal Durban Poison Agents.

The Dagga Co-op.

Stop our government selling out to the Chinese. We had just gotten rid of the Boers & Red Coats! If we really want to suffer sell our souls to the East but remember the play money is worth less than the fake beads the Europeans tricked us with.  Why do we want to suffer so badly? The only answer is the ANC beieve we cannot survive without parents. Then we can blame then instead of the English or the Apartheid thugs.  The Europeans at least gave us a few fake shiny beads. What the Chinese will give is is worthless paper. Remember there are 15 times more people so for every white farm think of that times 15 vplus 100 times more mines with all the wealth going to the motherland. Are you ready to learn Mandarin? This will be our 1st language. All so a few big SA wigs can have houses that cost ZAR100 million. Remember for such a large and wealthy country to print a billion (USD) is similar to giving a hungry person 5 cents. What happens tomorrow.  Are we ready for the Chinese Military spilling oil and testing missiles along our coast? You say No. Who will stop them they own the coast the air rights and minerals. Again I say why do the ANC still blame the Europeans and then sell out to a more powerful imperial group who believe in one ruler. Offered us fake beads. Now we will get cheap big smart TV's that will break in 6 months it will take 1000 years to rid our Coast of yellow flowers. Not biodegradable; but genuine imitation plastic! (Official) Fong Kong except the huge battle ships are made of pure steel. Did you now the Chinese do not believe they walked from Africa they believe they are a super animal that leads to problems simply to kill lessor animals is not a crime but its supposed to happen just like we use cows!

The Dagga Exchange & Co-op.

Durban Poison Co-op. l Dagga Co-op. Membership Applications

Shocked as the Estuary Hotel & Spa tumbles to the worst hotel for 2019 (Content Marketing)

SACANEX l *Cannabis Exchange l *Dagga Exchange l

SACANEX l *Cannabis Exchange l *Dagga Exchange l

I quote. "I want to see that young mother driving up the hill that must have been 5-7 km. So steep one literally needs a 4x4. With a baby on her back Every morning & every night! Plus that night the wind and rain were Gail force"
Dear fellow South Africans. We need you now more than ever before.

Dear fellow South Africans. We need you now more than ever before.

Dear fellow South Africans. We need you now more than ever before. The South African Dream is so close I can smell your money.   I speak of millions of hardworking South Africans this is your time. 

Durban Poison that is correct this website and the SA Cannabis Exchange belong to You! We will help you sell your dagga overseas and since you own Durban Poison, Transkei Poison & The SA (Official) Dagga Exchange whatever *price we can get you keep!



Zulu Poison (High) THC & Zulu Poison that may destroy Cancer. Under Construction. © Durban Poison Media

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