The Durban Poison Co-op./Dagga Co-op. was founded to serve & assist all members of the cannabis and related industries.
DPCZA & DaggaCoop. Members pay no fees or commissions!
Founding Members are the only legal Durban Poison Agents.
SACANEX l *Cannabis Exchange l *Dagga Exchange l
We begin by welcoming all Durban Poison & Dagga Co-op. members. Just a short news article that was requested by these amazing people I have met the founding members of the  Dagga Co-op.

I have zero tolerance for those who make false claims or non-profit's who are clearly morally stunted! 

So I mean what I say here. Sincerity can usually be felt from others. I do believe the Co-op entity a remarkable choice.

  • 'the Coop' is most fair profit company. Non-corruptible & to hear the founding members/management will not claim any compensation whatsoever! Even after spending all their own money for trademarks and a great set-up. "These guys/girls are on a mission to play their small part in empowering others not themselves. I quote. "I want to see that young mother driving up the hill that must have been 5-7 km. So steep one literally needs a 4x4. With a baby on her back Every morning & every night! Plus that night the wind and rain were Gail force" I quote the founder without his knowledge. 

Without further talk all I was asked to mention is

  1. Below is the basic membership form this is a genuine membership for one member I say this because the beauty is even if you pay $10 million (USD) you only get 1 (one) vote. So no company can have a majority no matter how much money they invest or do not. All the-same benefits and if 1 individual grower or 10 000 employee pharmaceutical company also only 1 (one vote) While it will benifit all types or sizes it can never make decisions that only suite the huge company as there will always be more smaller companies. 
  2. The Dagga Co-op requires at this time no less than 12 4x4 Pickups. This is for collections of Dagga from the most rural locations. The good news is they received a Demo with around 5000 km I have not seen it but a brand new 4x4 D/C air-com/cruse control, up-hill & down-hill assist parking assist 245 mm of clearance. 17- inch tires, as per the specs. requested necessary for this endeavor. Well done guys. See Below!
February 03, 2019 — Durban Poison Co-op Dagga Co-op