The Durban Poison Co-op./Dagga Co-op. was founded to serve & assist all members of the cannabis and related industries.
DPCZA & DaggaCoop. Members pay no fees or commissions!
Founding Members are the only legal Durban Poison Agents.

Dear Reader and Member/s

All our brands and filed/registered trademarks will be transferred to the Durban Poison Co-op. latest I believe the 1st quarter of 2019.  It will be a struggle to stop the rest of the world from using our IP but I believe together we can do miracles. I made a promise I must keep and luckily the one I speak of has much influence.

The problem is not so much getting it registered around the world besides the huge expense in registration/s to protect and enforce your rights it another issue altogether.

I am talking about a lot of time and expense I believe Japan was the easiest and quickest taking only 2 years that is subject to no others claiming the mark.

I can carry on and on like for instance in China they claim whoever is first to register no matter prior use, but it seems that it makes no difference in practice if the one seeking registration is not Chinese.

A good play is to register in all related classes of product for example clothing and sunglasses but unless you are well known like Hugo Boss it makes almost no difference only depletes your bank account. Instead of trying to understand a layman who cannot write or type in English please be patient and as soon as possible we will have our legal department explain this all-in readable English. For the time being I believe its safe to say that members of this cannabis co-op are the legal owners thanks to donations of not just Durban Poison but several other brands that we hope will make all our members share in the co-op worth a lot more than the ZAR 100.00 that they pay for memberships among all the other benefits.


Durban Poison

*Durban Poison Estates.

December 2018