The Durban Poison Co-op./Dagga Co-op. was founded to serve & assist all members of the cannabis and related industries.
DPCZA & DaggaCoop. Members pay no fees or commissions!
Founding Members are the only legal Durban Poison Agents.

The *(Dagga Co-op.) *Dagga is slang for cannabis. Generally speaking if you choose to become a member of the 'Durban Poison Co-op.  known in SA as the 'Dagga Co-op.' in 2019  it will cost you about R100.00. If you cannot afford this you may qualify for membership including shares without paying anything. The same  membership / shares may be worth ZAR 10 million in 2-3 years.

If you are involved in the cannabis or related industry this includes all aspects of this industry. If you produce a new CBD drug for Heroin or (Opiate) addiction and already have revenue in excess of 10 Billion USD or you are a small rural grower your membership is the same. Each member gets one vote. Basically its a good idea to become a member before membership & your equity are worth R5000.00 or R50 000.00 or R 5 Million. Like any company it is always better to buy shares when they cost less.

The point here is in order to get membership, before it gets too complex you need be be involved in or planning on getting involved in investing in growing weed etc. If you are involved illegally you are in the best position! No Joke. You may ask why on Earth would I want membership if I am not planning on investing or.... Have you heard of BEE well this is CEE the same except much more money to go around.

If you do not want to help yourself & others, stop reading.  Otherwise understand every member gets equity in the Durban Poison Co-op. l Dagga Co-op. Membership includes shares (Equity) ownership-of the (Co-op).
Have you heard of BEE well this is CEE. We are moving forward. CEEDThe same except instead of taking from 10 million consumers we go for 7 Billion. Much more money to go around. SACEED, 'CEE' but first we need to face the truth.

Money & materialism is alive, think of a flower. When one takes a flower from another's garden it no longer grows. You may have it, own it, but within a few days it dies. LMK Whore & Addict.

Sure it takes a little longer but get those who know how to grow flowers to teach you then you will own many living flowers. 

  • Communism does not work.
  • Politics is for selfless humans who want to serve.
  • Apple, Google & Twitter are owned & operated by any Government.
  • Apple does not run out of coal for their phones.    

Economic Empowerment is not enabling 2 (two) individuals billionaire status. This does no-thing for the majority of South Africans. You can sell your membership just like you sell shares in a Public Company. Basically besides all the benefits like free seeds, finance 'interest free loans' for 4x4 vehicles, for your business. If you grow in rural locations you no longer have to accept a bottle of brandy and ZAR 10 000.00 for 10 KG of weed. Members just make a call or send a SMS and the Dagga Co-op collects all your weed and pays you cash or transfers funds into your account. Your Dagga is advertised worldwide long before you are ready to sell so you know how much to plant. Or buyers can contact you directly. It makes no difference as whatever the buyer pays you keep.

Global promotions and sales you the member pays no commissions or fees. You also get ownership of Durban Poison the rights to use, grow sell and when cannabis is worth as it has been numbers sales that is sales not only of all local members products but of Durban Poison globally may reach Billions of USD. Your membership share has just increased in value like Apple stock. Are you getting the idea. There is a catch! Do you think investing ZAR 100.00 getting a certificate and in a few years selling it for ZAR 50 000.00 or ZAR 5 Million is something that is offered to you every day?