The Durban Poison Co-op./Dagga Co-op. was founded to serve & assist all members of the cannabis and related industries.
DPCZA & DaggaCoop. Members pay no fees or commissions!
Founding Members are the only legal Durban Poison Agents.

If you are a member than you own a share of DAGCO™ the (Official) Dagga Co-op.  All the members or shareholders own the Dagga Co-op. 

Like a Stokvel but you can make much more money and have your own business. 

If you have no idea how companies work let us give you the basics.

Without going into too much detail as there are many different types of companies with their own rules.

For example shareholders are individuals or other companies who invest (buy shares) called equity in the company.

Basically the workers do most of the hard work and earn low salaries or wages. The management do less work but earn more money.

Some managers even buy shares in the company or are given shares in the company as an incentive to work harder as if the company does well 'makes money' the managers shares become more valuable.

They benefit financially by owning shares in the company plus still get their salary/wages.

If one share is worth $1.00 or R 10.00 and the company grows (Makes more money) The value of the share usually goes up. So when you sell your share you could get a lot more than you paid. 

There is no guarantees as if the company does badly losers money your share could be worth less than you paid.

This is the way most rich people make money have you ever hear it said that the rich get richer?  If you own shares you do not have to work at the company. This is the best way to make the most money. The problem is you need money to buy the shares.

How shares work.

If you look below you will see a document that explain a little about the rules of a Co-op. It explain the rules of starting the Dagga Co-op. It also gives examples of how much money has been made by these USA Co-ops. How popular they are and it explain using a cake to explain how many people working together owning shares can make more money than working alone. 

This is a type of company we have chosen this type of company as while you build your own business or work the Dagga Co-op can help you in many ways plus like other companies you own a share/s of the company.

Unless a person is very rich or they start a company and have a lot of help from family and friends it is very hard to do.

Even if you buy shares in a company on the stock market and you invest wisely; you study about investing or you pay an investment professional, it usually take a long time for your shares to go up in value. 

The best way is buying shares before others can buy shares when the price is very low. This can be risky and you need at least R 20 000.00  to get a few shares. 

If the company grows you can make millions or billions in months or days but that is the exception it usually takes a few years but there is no there way you can make so much money even if you rob a bank your shares will be worth much more.

It is also more risky than investing in a company that has been making a profit for many years but the growth in these big companies is less risky but the chance of making millions is almost impossible you could on average earn 2-15%  more than if you put money into the bank as the interest in a bank may only be a few percent that will never make you rich.

So what is the answer? 

We believe and so do many others  that all South Africans especially those of us who lived during the Apartheid system! If your parents or great grandparents suffered due to the Boers Apartheid.

If you look at those people who never suffered during Apartheid like the Afrikaner whites or English, it is not simply they have money and you do not because they are smart.

Normally parents help their children and after working their entire life they give their property (House) or investment property and shares in companies to their children.

The children also work and buy a bigger house and maybe start a business etc. That is the reason many people you see that never suffered during Apartheid seem to have so much money, it is not only money they may have studied to be a lawyer or engineer.

It is due to a few generations of work there are exceptions but generally how can we catch up?

When their parents and grandparents all saved and gave them money to invest or gave them shares. That is the only way that people get very rich is if the company is very successful other people want to buy shares in the company. 


theysystem it has affected you. That is why together with 


That is why the Dagga Co-op is only for South Africans who have been affected by Apartheid.  so the more members are always shareholders in the Dagga Co-op. company the Dagga Co-op helps you in whatever you need.

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